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Fagnes Cuvée Constant

7.5% alc. vol. Brown, bottle conditioned.

Fabulous, the new girl on the block winning the hearts of specialist beer lovers everywhere !

A velvety taste and a long finish.

Caramelised malt notes well present but perfectly balanced.

Available in 330 ml, 750 ml and cask.

Fagnes Brown

7.5% alc. vol., bottle saturated.

With aromas of red fruit and lightly caramelised malts.

This beautiful brown ale's softness and creaminess make it a beer to be enjoyed all year round.

Available in 330 ml, 750 ml, Magnum (1.5 l), Jeroboam (3 l) and cask.

Fagnes Blond

7.5% alc. vol., bottle conditioned.

Notable for its coriander and liquorice aromas.

Very pleasing and easy to digest.

Creamy head, slightly spicy scented nose.

Our best seller. Its great success has been the engine for our development and the launch of new beers.

Available in 330 ml, 750 ml, Magnum (1.5 l), Jeroboam (3 l) and cask.

Fagnes Griottes

4.8% alc. vol. Brewed with 7% Griottes du Nord cherries.

A bottle saturated brew for those lovers of specialist ales looking to discover a refreshing, fruity, but not sugary sweet beer. The fruit finely and delicately underlies the beer.

The only one of its type!

An undoubted great classic.

Available in 330 ml, 750 ml and cask.


Nestled deep in the Namur valleys, the Domaine de Chevetogne invites you to discover its 1500 acres of nature reserves. What this landscape rich in nature, culture and fine food needed was a beer...

A broad, deep beer with a long finish, Chevetogne has all the nobility of the Terroir of its birth.

6.2% alc. vol.

Light bottle saturated beer - amber with golden highlights, bottle saturated.

Available in 330 ml bottle and cask.

Fagnes Christmas

8.5% alc. vol., bottle conditioned.

This bottle conditioned brown ale is notable for its power and long finish.

Only available as a limited edition from mid-October to mid-January (while stocks remain!)

To share your beer-drinking pleasure with friends around an open fire.
A brew for connoisseurs of special ales.

Available in 330 ml and 750 ml.

Fagnes Triple

9% alc. vol., bottle conditioned.

Endowed with a sublime coppery colour.

Discover its smooth and rich froth and taste its fragrant nose suggesting a subtile fruity flavour.

Available immediately!

Available in 330 ml, 750 ml and cask.

Fagnes Gold

the Special light – 5.1% alc. Vol.
It will amaze your senses with its powerful nose that throws us into hops fields.
Take time to discover it: fabulous!

One year of development

Smooth, bright and wonderful color

Discover his delightful flavor

Perfectly balanced between bitterness hops and sweet